Friday, 17 April 2015

Paul Collins Beat & RSD15

Paul Collins Beat & the impending RSD15 or Every Day Is Record Store Day


Last Saturday the Galileo 7 supported the fantastic Paul Collins Beat at the Dirty Water Club in London. 

Paul is currently doing a European Tour and I would urge all to catch Paul before he returns to the US. He played a great set list, covering all the classic Nerves & Beat songs. There was a pre-show record fair which was a really nice touch that got people along early. I picked myself up a Paul Collins album I’ve never heard before. Ribbon of Gold is a more recent release (2008) but has some great Pop tunes (with a capital P) on it. State Records also had some high quality fare on sale, along with the new super- hot 45 from Thee Jezebels(available now from )I picked up the excellent Higher State LP, Freakout At The Gallery. 

Even though I say myself, I felt The Galileo 7 set was one of the best we’ve played, the new line up seems to get tighter and more manic with each show. I would encourage you to come along to the Half Moon show on the 8th of May but that is already sold out. Stub Hub anybody?

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Which brings us to the impending Record Store Day 2015.

Love or resent it, it certainly has raised the profile of records and record stores over the years. For sure it’s not cool that those exclusives are out of stock before you get in the queue 4 hours before opening and that independent labels get pushed down the pecking order at pressing plants, but in my view the good weighs out the bad. 

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