Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Was 1967 the best year for pop music? January February Edition

Was 1967 the best year for pop music?  January February Edition

As the 50th anniversary machine marches on, I’m asking the question this year- was 1967 the best year for pop music?



Bonus – Here’s a 50th anniversary I missed in the Christmas madness of last year.


My favourite version of a Quick One is the (mainly) stereo version found on the phases box set. It still has the "garage" feel of the mono but with a more subtle clarity that is completely missing from the brick-walled hyper-compressed CD version.

It seemed like a strange concept when I first heard the album, that of having the rest of the band pitch in with songwriting duties. This had more to do with a bizarre publishing deal that netted £200 for each member (which was a tidy sum in 66) than any creative dryness of the Townshend well.
Opener "Run Run Run" has later fade on this version (by nearly 10 seconds)
Entwistle's synonymous "Boris The Spider" double tracked vocal, sounds like he's in your living room - twice!
Moon's "I Need You" has a very different mix, particularly through the "can you move your car sir" part.
On "Whiskey Man" John can be clearly heard with his double tracked vocal pronouncing "frwend" and "flend" simultaneously in the hope of it sounding like "friend"
"Heatwave", "Cobwebs & Strange" & "Don't Look Away" sound better than I've heard them elsewhere.
"See My Way" was originally recorded at Pete's flat in Wardour St and finished at IBC London. To my knowledge it's never had a stereo release, although I do have artificial stereo versions on other albums. It still sounds best though on this pressing in glorious mono.
"So Sad About Us" while there are stereo versions issued on CD, it sounds better on this pressing in mono.
"A Quick One While He's Away" The Who's first real venture into rock opera after the failed "Quads" project that yielded "I'm A Boy", became a standard in the set for years. Here is has more clarity and power than the mono Reaction pressings.


Saturday, 14 January 2017

Grooves Blog 2016 Record Review

For those who (understandably) don't have time for the 20 minute plus fest of nonsense, here are the main favourites from 2016

New Album - Good Times by The Monkees
Re-issue - Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys (analogue productions pressing)
Single - Got Up & Gone by Suzie Chunk
Box Set - The Kinks Mono Boxset