Saturday, 31 December 2011

2011 - over already!?!

Another year done & dusted! Over 200 gigs and an unmentionable amount of bass strings, here are some of my musical highlights of 2011.

Jan - recording for the 2nd Billy Wears Dresses album continues & a monstrously loud but razor tight Shindig gig with the Galileo 7.

Feb - Galileo 7 in France and told the meaning of pop music, shame I don't speak French though, & a Billy Wears Dresses photo shoot with Phil Dillon.

March - yet more crazy gigs at The White Horse & the life giving safety barriers & bouncers at the Jolly Knight for Masterclass. The Groovy Uncle album, Play Something We Know, is out on State Records. Billy Wears Dresses launch their 2nd album, You Said It Would & It Did at The Eagle.

April - Billy Wears Dresses get through the second round of Live & Unsigned, oh dear!

May - Galileo 7 tour Italy, finally a warm tour!

June - Billy Wears Dresses play at Bluewater & appear on Adam Dowling's KMFM show and my insane schedule of 8 gigs in 4 days takes it's toll. Zzzzzzzzz .....

July- a mind blowing gig with Paul Jobson & a frantic Masterclass appearance at the Kings Hill Fest.

August - a great gig followed by a monumental jam session to 5am in Dumfries. Galileo 7 return to Higher State Studios to begin the next album.

September - Billy Wears Dresses are the new Johnny Cash and perform in a prison, followed by a return to The Crown in Rochester, been a few years since I was last there! Superb Ska japes depping for Ska-De-Kat in Maidstone.

Oct - a garden party, in October?? It was a baking hot Masterclass afternoon session followed by a dash to play at the White Horse in Maidstone in the evening. A cracking visit to the Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth for the Galileo 7.

Nov- Billy Wears Dresses back at The Eagle and Galileo 7 back in Europe, Le Tipi in Liege Belguim the best yet.

Dec- nearly finished the Galileo 7 album, Billy Wears Dresses live at The Beauty Of Bath with new drummer Dean & Christmas session with new keyboard player Sam and a marathon of Masterclass gigs. Then out of the blue a Lovedays reunion, a superb way to finish the year.

Wishing you all a very Happy 2012, thankyou for listening.


Paul Moss

Monday, 5 December 2011

Winter Update

It's been a whirlwind Autumn, in between a manic Masterclass schedule I've got married, honeymooned in New York and been in Europe with The Galileo 7.

Lots changing in Billy Wears Dresses, there will be an announcement on KMFM on Christmas day - watch this space!

I'm currently updating the website so apologies that it looks a bit scruffy at the moment. I'm now giving beginners guitar lessons, so check out the Learn section on the main website.

Hope to catch you at a Masterclass gig soon.


Galileo 7 - Live in Lille