Monday, 12 December 2016

Play Something Else For Christmas

Play Something Else For Christmas

For sure, we all love Slade & Fairy-tale Of New York, the thousands of White Christmas versions that are lurking behind every advent door (even the Stiff Little Fingers version, I know!) and all of the other members of club “Now that’s what I call a festering Christmas”, but do we have to commit to the constant repeat button?

I say hell no, let’s get some alternatives on the yule turntable.

Bionic Santa – Chris Hill

 The 1976 follow up to “Renta Santa” was, like its novelty predecessor, cut from snippets of other hit songs. Thin Lizzy, Rod Stewart, Chuck Berry and many other artists have their finest moments butchered for cheap laughs. That’s the Christmas spirit I remember.

I’m Walking Backwards For Christmas – The Goons

This classic Goon song was originally sung during an episode to fill time during a musicians strike in 1956 and released shortly after on a ten inch 78. Here it’s on a reissue DECCA 45 single, a Christmas song that will baffle most who were born after 1985, with the exception of the mentally incompetent. 


Happy Christmas From The Stars Flexi disc (free with Smash Hits 1982)

Yes, nothing says peace and good will quite like Paul Weller trying to get chummy with Nick Heywood, Martin Fry and Simon Lebon. 


Father Christmas Do Not Touch Me – The Goodies (album The Goodies Greatest)

Whilst the content of this song may have put it on the rear branches of the celebratory tree in recent decades, knowing what we know now about 70’s children’s celebrities, it’s looking like solid advice.


Finally here are some other considerations from last year’s blog entry -  FESTIVE ALTERNATIVES

And for those who are feeling decidedly uncomfortable, here is a picture of a Slade single to take you back to a happy place.


Finally I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, hopefully  Santa brings you all of the records you want and I’ll be back in January to review 2016.