Monday, 30 May 2011

Noi siamo il Galileo 7

Galileo 7 European tours are generally soggy and cold but the weather in Italy was almost as hot as the gigs.
In Verona the venue's Jamaica theme seemed quite appropriate, the only hairy moment was Viv's near repeat of her stool diving antics in Belgium. On out way to Brescia we managed to fit in some sight seeing around Lake Garda in between cups of coffee. For this tour we had Mole (The Higher State) on drums, his ornithology came in handy on several occasions, everyday's a school day!
Friday night's support was from Thee Bomb'o'nyrics, despite a tropical storm that prompted me to hastily draw up plans of an Ark on the back of a set list, the Lio Club was packed out. To get in to the Lio, you have to negotiate a level crossing, when the trains stop running at ten, the locals like nothing better than sitting on the rails whilst drinking beer. Personally I found the outside benches a tad more comfortable.
Apparently you can't call it breakfast at 2pm, however after stopping for a slap up meal at Signora Miggini, we headed into the mountains to find Trento.
Despite a curious venue, that left us scratching our heads and our tour manager Gianni swearing even more than when he's driving, it seemed like every Allan Crockford fan in Italy arrived to see us. The DJ played Prime Movers, Solar Flares etc to which Allan spent most of the time asking "did I play on this?".
Tonight's support came from "The Deaf Players", after which we hit the stage for a triumphant end to our all too short Italian tour.

Big thanks to Gianni for taking great care of us, arranging everything from back line to espresso.
To Mole for a brilliant job.
To the promoters and club staff, and also to everyone who came to see us.

Vi ringrazio e spero di rivederti al piĆ¹ presto.

Paul Moss

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The Galileo 7 - Talking Italia

Time for The Galileo 7 to head to Europe again!
This time we are heading to Italia. Verona, Brescia and Trento get the G7 gig experience.
We've got some new songs in the set as well as all the hits from the album "Are We Having Fun Yet?"
The album is available on The Galileo 7 website, along with other goodies including The Solar Flares album "Can Satisfy You" and of course, The Galileo 7 t-shirt in splendid Monterey Purple.
Buckle up your ears Italy, we're going to take them on the ride of their lives........

Paul Moss