Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Masterclass Album

After a somewhat quiet period for recording, this Autumn has been busy.

First off, is a debut Masterclass album, recorded at DW studios.

I've also been back in the studio with the Galileo 7 for a single that's due in the spring.

There has been a definite "sparse" feel to the blog in recent years. I feel that there are only so many times that I can write, "I've been on tour here" and "this is me playing this bass through this rig".

So to bolster the content and hopefully the interest of reading this, in 2015 I'll be expanding this blog to cover one of my other passions - records.

This will come as no surprise to my Facebook & Twitter followers, but writing in the blog will give me a chance to waffle more, but hopefully in an engaging & interesting way.

Happy New Year folks.