Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Dusting Off The Old Records

Dusting off the old records

If you see an old Parlophone inner sleeve, you may see a reference to using an Emitex Cloth to clean your records. Cloths were once all the rage for wiping the dust from your beloved discs, they would make bold claims - "impregnated with an anti-static agent". How effective this really was at reducing static is debatable but it was certainly able to get the dust off.

In the eighties foam and velvet brushes became quite popular, along with ones that fitted on an arm that sat by your turntable and cleaned as the record played.

These days, brushes are all the rage, in particular the carbon fibre ones seem extremely effective in removing dust & debris. There are a number of these on the market, the one I use often tops tests (yes, I've seen record brush shoot outs!) and is the Super Exstatic (pictured below) combining the removing power of carbon fibre & velvet.     

As pictured below, I gently rest it on the record while the turntable is revolving and pull the brush towards me to remove the dust. There are plenty of You Tube videos of various methods of doing this. Have fun watching them...

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