Friday, 30 January 2015

Who knows - Fantasy Who Boxset

Who Knows, it may happen.

So, rather than write about what I think is wrong with The Who reissue catalogue, I'm putting together my own fantasy box set.
Naturally these would be sourced from the analogue master tapes where possible.

My Generation - Mono

A Quick One - Mono

Sell Out - Double disc Stereo & Mono

Tommy - double disc

Live At Leeds - original 6 track album

Who's Next

Quadrophenia - double disc

Odds & Sods - first disc as original album, second with the extra CD reissue tracks

The Who By Numbers

Who Are You

Meaty Beaty Bigger & Bouncier - a 3 disc set of A's, B,s EP's and rarities:-

Side1 (mono single mixes)
1- Can't Explain
2- Bald Headed Woman
3- Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
4- Daddy Rolling Stone
5- Shout & Shimmy
6- Instant Party
7- Substitute
8- I'm A Boy

Side 2 
1- Circles
2- Disguises
3- Batman
4- Bucket T
5- Barbara Anne 
6- In The City
7- Happy Jack
8- I've Been Away

Disc 2 
Side 1
1- Pictures Of Lily
2- Doctor Doctor
3- The Last Time
4- Under My Thumb
5- I Can See For Miles
6- Someone's Coming
7- Dogs
8- Call Me Lightning

Side 2
1- Magic Bus
2- Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde
3- Dogs Part 2
4- The Seeker
5- Here For More
6- Heaven & Hell
7- I Don't Even Know Myself

Disc Three
Side 1
1- Lets See Action
2- When I Was A Boy
3- Join Together
4- Baby Don't Do It
5- Relay
6- Waspman

Side 2
1- Substitute (US Single Version)
2- Happy Jack (Acoustic Version)
3- I'm A Boy (quiet version)
4- Magic Bus (stereo extended version)
5- Eyesight To The Blind (alternative vocal) 
6- The Real Me (Quadrophenia movie version)
7- Four Faces

Yes it weighs in at a rather hefty 17 discs and this is without some of the bonus material on the reissue CD's, but covers the all important Moon era official releases. 

What's in your fantasy Who Box set?

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