Friday, 11 September 2015

The Who Track Singles Box Set - due Oct 30th

Hot off the press-

The Who's third singles box set will be released on the 30th of October. Given the incredible quality of the first two sets (Brunswick & Reaction) this is one of the hottest releases of the year.

Comprising of 14 singles from "Pictures Of Lily" through to Quadrophenia's "5:15" and the Tommy EP, this set covers the golden age of The Who.
The full track list is below but several questions have yet to be answered.

Will "I Can See For Miles" be the original single mix that is vastly superior to the album version? Hopefully all the singles will be in there original UK mix form. 

Will "Call Me Lightning" & "Dr Jeckyll And Mr Hyde" be in their superior UK mix versions?  Given the output so far I would imagine they are. 
Will these singles be mono up to and including "Magic Bus"?

It looks like the Tommy EP & "Won't Get Fooled Again" will be released in picture bags, none of the other singles were in the UK. 

Given the high quality of the previous sets, hopefully these were mastered and cut at Abbey Road again. Some of the B sides have only seen a very limited release since these singles were first issued so it is another essential Who purchase on offer here.

To pre-order visit The Who .com


  1. ‘Pictures of Lily’ b/w ‘Doctor Doctor’
  2. ‘The Last Time’ b/w Under My Thumb
  3. ‘I Can See For Miles’ b/w ‘Someone’s Coming’
  4. ‘Dogs’ b/w ‘Call Me Lightning’
  5. ‘Magic Bus’ b/w ‘Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde’ 
  6. ‘Pinball Wizard’ b/w ‘Dogs Part Two’
  7. ‘The Seeker’ b/w ‘Here For More’
  8. ‘Summertime Blues’ b/w ‘Heaven and Hell’
  9. ‘See Me, Feel Me b/w ‘Overture’
  10. TOMMY (EP): ‘See Me, Feel Me’, ‘Christmas’ b/w ‘Overture’, ‘I’m Free
  11. ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’ b/w ‘Don’t Know Myself’
  12. ‘Let’s See Action’ b/w ‘When I Was A Boy’
  13. ‘Join Together’ b/w ‘Baby Don’t You Do It’
  14. ‘Relay’ b/w ‘Waspman’
  15. ‘5.15’ b/w ‘Water’

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