Friday, 21 September 2012

iHappy 2nd Birthday

I've had my iPad for two years now, on the one hand I'm surprised at how time has flown since I bought it in Las Vegas, on the other it's hard to remember a time when I didn't use it.

I just happened to wander into an Apple Store that I found while I was checking out the local music stores and it struck me that this tablet would a better option than the large case of music I used to haul around to gigs. There were several dedicated music score apps at the time (there are now hundreds) and I settled on the unReal Book app for PDF scores. This is ideal for show scores and gigs that have a hard and fast set list. However, a lot of the gigs I do need me to access different random music quite quickly, some of it bass or full score, some of it just words. In the end I settled on a file handling app called iFiles. I scan music in jpeg format which is a lot quicker than compiling PDF's and get them to the right size (1024x728 pixels) and load them into the iFiles app, which isn't free but reasonably cheap. When I first took it to gigs it raised a lot of eyebrows and certainly got some attention from like minded musicians. Now two iPad versions later they are becoming more common and in Masterclass, all three of us use use one.

For more information on iFiles App visit :-

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