Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Tucking In The Blog

The Galilleo 7 album has been recorded and is waiting to be mixed. I'm stepping down from my bass duties with the G7, which while is something I'm sad about, will mean a lot more live gigs and appearences for the band, which is fantastic news. Keep an eye on the Galilleo 7 Website and Facbook.

 For a brief moment in 2011 it looked like The Lovedays would return this year. At a gig at The Eagle, The Lovedays came back and everyone seemed keen to get back to re-kindle the magic which was clearly still there. It would seem the passion to continue has dulled with the 2012 New Year Bells though, however, do not despair. Ben continues onwards and upwards with a new line up of The Rifle Volunteers.
Check out their website & facebook etc. HERE for news about gigs and goodies.

As for me, I'm off up the Job centre ................

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