Monday, 31 October 2011


It's easy to take what you do for granted, another day another gig.

It's been a busy summer and I've been all over the UK playing music with many different talented musicians. I'm looking forward to a holiday in New York City next week, a chance to recharge the batteries as we move into the busy build up to the dreaded "C" word.

Along with a hectic Masterclass schedule I've also got a short European tour with Galileo 7, with some more stints in the studio to continue with the follow up album to "Are We Having Fun Yet".

I love what I do but occasionally it's good to have a reminder that it's more than a job. Last Saturday after a gig I was chatting with someone who was telling me what a great night they had and enjoyed the band. They lost their spouse 5 years ago and getting out and listening to live music was a great escape and release from the reality of life.

I'm blessed that many people enjoy what I do; as an artist it's not difficult to get wrapped up in myself and my own motives for performing, but I should always remember that without those that come to listen I'm just a noisy neighbour!

What ever you enjoy, keep listening.


Steve enjoys the post-gig celebrations.

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