Saturday, 26 March 2011

Are We having Fun Yet? - available from the Galileo 7 Webite

The perfect gift for mum this Mothers Day....

The Debut album from the Galileo 7 - "Are We Having Fun Yet"
is available in The Galileo 7 Website Store
along with the debut EP "Test Flight" and superb T Shirts in Monteray Purple.

For all things Galileo 7, including the upcoming Italian Tour,

As well as the obligatory

About The Galileo 7

Allan Crockford - vocals, guitar
Viv Bonsels - organ, vocals
Paul Moss - bass, vocals
Russ Baxter - drums

As a member of such semi-legends as the Prisoners, The Solarflares, JTQ, Thee Headcoats and more recently The Stabilisers (amongst a much longer list), Allan Crockford has played an important if low-key part in establishing the Medway area's reputation as a hotbed for spirited, uncompromising garage rock with a strong DIY ethic. Playing with such Medway notables as Graham Day, Billy Childish and James Taylor, his reputation was as the reliable sideman for more flamboyant figures. Now he has found a late flowering talent for writing his own material. The Galileo 7 were formed to play the songs he had been storing up for the last 3 or 4 years. The alternative was to go busking alone in Chatham High Street, a course of action which would have inevitably lead to a long stay in hospital.

Paul Moss is the busiest bass player in Kent, possibly the world. He plays in over 100 bands and when he's not playing bass he is still playing bass in his head. He can quite literally play every note on the bass, simultaneously if necessary. His favourite song is Jazz Odyssey. Hum him a tune and he will instantly hum back a four part string quartet arrangement - for a price.

Viv Bonsels is the band's organ wizard, although she refuses to wear the cloak and pointy hat formerly owned by Rick Wakeman that the band bought for her. Although she loves the throaty growl of the classic heavyweight Hammond/Leslie combination, she prefers to play a tiny 60's Teisco combo organ, because it has 'cute legs' and she can carry it under her arm.

Russ Baxter is the band's timekeeper, in more ways than one. When he's not beating out his rock solid rhythm stylings on his expensively restored (he claims) 1965 vintage Premier drum kit, he also keeps tabs on the rest of the band's punctuality at gigs and rehearsals. Operating a 'cruel but fair' system of punitive fines and systematic beatings, he ensures a regime of old-fashioned discipline and manners are adhered to at all times. He also plays drums for Secret Affair - currently the most punctual band on the mod circuit.

While the band still has the trademark punk ('66 and '76 versions) fire and energy that marks out the Medway sound, there are extra elements in the music that shifts it away from the trademark crashbangwhallop... call it pop-psych, punkadelic, powerpop or whatever you like. If it's energy you're after you won't be disappointed, but there are also tunes and harmonies by the bucketload to guarantee that these songs hang around in your head long after the initial sonic impact has faded.

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