Friday, 31 December 2010

2010, byeeeeeeee

It's that weird "no mans land" time between Christmas & New Year again, a time to look back and forward, assess and review, along with umpteen programs on the best celebrity moments of 2010.

Here's a few nuggets from the bass case then:-

January - The Snow & Billy Wears Dresses & The Walnut Tree in Loose, not the other venue with the same name that everyone turned up to see us at.

February - The Lovedays 2nd album "House Of Cards" is released at The Barge. The first Galileo 7 gigs, Ghent (Belguim) then Sittard (Holland).

March - Panic in the orchestra pit at The Broadway Theatre London. "Monkey Trousers" 7" single by Groovy Uncle is released.

April - The Lovedays at Rochester Castle - Ker Blam!!

May - The Galileo 7 in Paris, brilliant gig but how much for a beer?? Recording again with "The Uncle" at State Studios". Victor Wooten clinic - WOW. The Lovedays back at the Cavern in Liverpool, time we got our own brick in the wall ehh?

June - Billy Wears Dresses play on a kerb just outside Bluewater, can we laugh about that yet? Stevie Wonder at Hyde Park, best gig ever. The Lovedays at Peter Parkers in London, how long will that venue remain, err not long, gone already.

July - The Lovedays, main stage, Lounge On The Farm; see, it does work on a huge stage. The Lovedays at the Style & Winch, the last ever Lovedays gig? Billy Wears Dresses take up residence at the Beauty Of Bath then serenade Maidstone from the bandstand in Brenchly Park.

August - The Galileo 7 photoshoot with the fabulous Phil Dillon, Masterclass photo shoot with Martin "the lens" Whale. Farewell Mike, save me a seat at the bar. Scotland with Wee Willie Harris. Galileo 7 @ Medway Happenings, almost didn't thanks to the summer weather!

September - Billy Wears Dresses back in the studio, Nick fixes Jon's car. A drunken appearence on the Las Vegas Strip.....

October - Masterclass bring the house down, when Dean get's there with a working amp that is.

November - Huge Galileo 7 tour of europe to promote the debut album "Are We Having Fun Yet?" Somebody buy some merch!!!!! Premiere of "The Key To The Trapdoor" Lovedays documentary is screened in Rochester, I still haven't seen it. It's that "switch those festive lights on again time of the year" for Billy Wears Dresses.

December - The snow, again! Masterclass in France, watching Dean & Sam wrestle at 2am, I wished I'd videoed it!

I'd like to say a big thank you to all my band mates of Billy Wears Dresses, The Galileo 7, The Lovedays & Groovy Uncle, Along with Barry "The Teacher" Kitchin.

As always, all my love to Sue & Harrison. I couldn't do it without you.

Let's all have a drink and toast to "World Peace",

Happy New Year and thank you for listening.

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